Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why does He care so?

He cares

Why does He always come for me?
Like a whoring wife
I've gone astray
Yet He always comes for me

I've made more wrong calls for two lifetimes
My misdeeds are innumerable
I've mis-painted over my white canvas again and again
Yet He always whites my slate clean

Who do I have that He cares about
What do I possess that He wants
Knowing all I have He gave
And all I give, He already has

Why does He hold my hands?
When I've soiled them in dirt
Why does He hug me so tight?
When I've dipped in the mud

Why does He love me?
A sinner and filthy wretch
Why does He care so much for me?
Like even I can't care about myself

Love the elements can diminish
Affection that won't ever run out
An ocean-deep care
Mercy and beauty bestowed on an unworthy being

Many mysteries and secrets will be unravelled
But even after the heavens cease to exist
I never will fully know

Why exactly He cares so much

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