Tuesday, May 10, 2016

“Excuses are for failures..”

“Excuses are for failures..”
That’s one of my Pastor’s quotes that follows me everywhere I go. It sounded extreme hearing it for the first time but after thinking about it, I totally got it. 
See, there are levels that define living. There is a stratification policy, unsaid as it may be, that governs our existence. There are successes. There are failures. There are in-betweens. Most people do fall into the last category but the thing is, to successes everyone in the other two classes are failures.
Successful people think differently in just about every strata of life. The way they talk. Who they talk to. Where they go. How they act. Their view is different. Call it a view from the top if you want. There are many attributes they have but the focus here is what I call the ‘Get It done’ attitude. (Cue Harvey Specter from the TV series ‘Suits’)
The bible quotes a failure in Proverbs 22:13 “..There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets.” See, the thing is when excuses affect them only, fair enough, but when it affects an upward-bound mind, I cringe. Why not just fail alone? Why drag people with you? “Tim, are we still meeting to talk the proposal over” “No Jide, sorry but bla bla”.
In your work, marriage, family-life, relationship with God and all, just drop the excuses if you really want to get stuff done. Nike have a brilliant logo that says ‘Just do it’. Just get it done. Whatever it is. Go through walls. Break down barriers. Keep a straight face. Clear your mind. Focus. Whatever it takes. Get it done or change your mind if you think it’s for the better but if you have to do it, do it! Fly, run, walk, crawl, roll, wheel yourself if you gotta. Just keep moving.
Slow progress is worse than fast progress but it is progress. Standing still however isn’t progress. It’s called stagnancy.
Over time, I have heard everything about how rich people are selfish. About how rich people suddenly become proud when they make money. I’ve heard about how “Joe Bloggs” just became a douche-soul when he got the promotion. Now I get it. There are always excuses to be given and if you want to be successful, you don’t want any part of it. How can I handle the reason for failing at something being someone on my team?
In conclusion, hate excuses, stop making them, they really aren’t for successful minds. And if you have to deal with someone who makes excuses, change your team mate.