Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Siddy's Story

My name is Siddy.

I'm an eagle.

I was out of my nest a good while back at a relatively young age. Being out of the nest looked like a sensible thing to do at the time. It didn't take long for me to find out about the big bad world out there. I longed for the security and protection the nest offered but it wasn't a possibility to go back. I was facing death. The wolves. The hunters. The lions. It was bloody scary. I needed help from somewhere otherwise I was so sure I was facing up to my last days on earth. A miracle had to happen. And a miracle fortunately, did happen.

Shivering on the cold bare floor of the thick forest, I looked up and saw Zeke. I was vulnerable. Would have been well right to say my life was in his hands. He could have clubbed me to death. He could have sold me to a zoo or something. Zeke however was a nice man. He was a poultry farmer who looked like he had it in him to look after birds. Zeke took me home and I was his. He had adopted me. I danced around. I was delighted. If this God-sent man hadn't come, I wouldn't be here now. I couldn't even bear to think what could have happened. I could very well have been dead. Zeke, my saviour. He kept me in with the other birds in the poultry cages.

I didn't have to hunt. I had warmth when it was cold. I had everything brought to me. Life was easy. All the birds liked me. Zeke liked me. Who needed the guys back at my nest anyway. I had a new family here. These were my best friends. We were in synch. Our friendship would last forever. Well... that's what I thought anyway.

Recently however, things changed. Not sure exactly where Pimpi got the idea from that I was a weirdo. This guy had been my best friend all along. We had made fun of the other chickens together. First he said I was a different colour. Then he said my talons were too long. In no time all the other chickens joined in. They picked on everything about me. Boy, did it hurt. They said my beak was awkward looking. Day and night I couldn't eat. I was up at night wishing the guys would just take me back and I could get rid if these weird changes they had noticed in me. I wanted my friend back. I'd heard Zeke talk of prayers before and I decided to give it a go. I fasted and prayed. I hoped and kept faith. I was even extra nice. I just desperately wanted to be like everyone else.

Nothing changed however hard I tried. The changes in me only got worse. And the difference in us further widened.

I was sad. I was upset. I was dejected. All my efforts had been for nothing. Until yesterday though...

It was a normal day and Zeke had let us out in the field to run around. It was custom and we were all due back in our cages by 6pm. As usual, I was left by myself to roam alone. I so desperately wanted to run away. Seeing as I was alone I had no friends to keep me company so I noticed everything around me and thought in them. I looked up and saw a few hawks flying. "I wish I was like them" I thought. "Just so I can leave this place". One of them landed on a tree not too far from me and looked at me saying "What're you doing there? It's hunting season". "For what I replied". "For food, you dumbo".

"But I don't have to hunt. Zeke gives me all I want" I said a bit astonished he expected me to hunt. "What?" The hawk responded. "Who is Zeke?" "Well you hawks are wild but we chickens have owners" I said to the hawk in envy. 

"Chicken? You're an eagle..."

Then it clicked!

That why I'm different. The memories of my past came flooding back. I get it now. So I'm meant to be able to do and indeed be doing all those things I've heard Zeke say eagles can do. I'm meant to live in a mountain. I'm meant to be the king of all flying creatures. I'm meant to be a symbol of strength and courage. I'm meant to have my picture taken and have countries use it as national symbols. If I were to ever get caught by humans, they're meant to put me somewhere and have other humans pay to come see me. I should feed on meat and not corn. Damn it, these other chickens are even meant to be scared of me. Wasted bloody years in this cage!

Well.. My walk was different. I finally got it. Pimpi and his friends (not my friends anymore) still laughed at me but it made no difference. I didn't care. I couldn't get bullied anymore. I was quick to put them in their place. I could strut my stuff proudly now. I spread my wings and they got the message. My wingspan was thrice theirs. I was different and I was happy I was. I was proud to be different. It was a good difference after all and their ignorance and majority had made me believe I was less than what I was.

But herein lies my dilemma. What happens to Zeke? My loyal friend. Will he get it? Will he call me ungrateful? Will he know I'm simply being me by flying away? Will Zeke understand?

Whatever it is. I'll leave this place and fly far away to a mountain where I'll live and call home.

I'm going back home.

I wish I could

I wish I could tell
Tell the world of the God I serve
The one who took me out of darkness
And brought me into light

I wish I could show
Show the lost the way I’ve found
Tell them the narrow way leads to life
Show them the folly in their ways

I wish I could tell
Tell the Sons of God of their dominion
Tell the children of light that darkness has no power over them
So they’ll rejoice in their savior

I wish I could be
Be the showcase of His glory
Be the shining light for His kingdom
So they’ll see the life God can give

I wish I could tell
Tell Christians the value of their faith
The mountains that could move
If they would only realize

I wish I could show
Show Christians the fullness of life they pass up on
The needless pain we bear
When they take their eyes off the saviour

I wish I could tell
Tell of the victory of the word over sin
So we no longer have a continuous struggle with sin
The struggle many lose on a daily basis

I wish I could see
See the glory above
The glory for which I signed up with this army

The glory I will one day see to leave no more