Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I wish I could

I wish I could tell
Tell the world of the God I serve
The one who took me out of darkness
And brought me into light

I wish I could show
Show the lost the way I’ve found
Tell them the narrow way leads to life
Show them the folly in their ways

I wish I could tell
Tell the Sons of God of their dominion
Tell the children of light that darkness has no power over them
So they’ll rejoice in their savior

I wish I could be
Be the showcase of His glory
Be the shining light for His kingdom
So they’ll see the life God can give

I wish I could tell
Tell Christians the value of their faith
The mountains that could move
If they would only realize

I wish I could show
Show Christians the fullness of life they pass up on
The needless pain we bear
When they take their eyes off the saviour

I wish I could tell
Tell of the victory of the word over sin
So we no longer have a continuous struggle with sin
The struggle many lose on a daily basis

I wish I could see
See the glory above
The glory for which I signed up with this army

The glory I will one day see to leave no more

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