Friday, June 24, 2011

Soliloquy of an AJ boy.

I hail o! My people. Ma name na Benjamin. My people for area dey hail me Benjo. Na dis side dem born me so. Which time? Wetin concern you? The important tin be say we don dey maintain dis side siiiince and na we be shiaman for dis kaban so. All dem yeye OPC guys dey try form oga once in a while but no show for dem.

Wetin dey my mind to follow all una yarn today na dis church business wey everybody dey do. I dey always hear everybody dey misyarn say dem pastor dem dey runs tins for dem shosh. E be like say kolo dey worry all dem wey dey talk dat kain mis-jaboment. As in who get head wey go see all dat kain money no go shop? See am like dis. All dem pastor shiamen dem , na from area all dem kom. As in shishi, dem papa mama no get to take arrange better life for dem. All dem kon grow, hammer beta, evribodi begin contribute tite abi wetin you dey call am give dem, you say make dem no runs tins, omo I tire o. Who no sabi better? For say na you, you no go runs?

Our side!

Sometimes I dey hear say some of dem bin dey jigijigi church members. Again, I no fit to blame dem. Na dem opeke me I blame. When e be say all dem go dey yarn na man of god dis, man of God dat. Na so so smile like market-place kraze. All dem go dey throw tight tight bend down dey cat waka for pastor front and na dem go first blow alarm say pastor dey rub dem bodi. Dat one na story?

See, my people. Life for area get as e be but we still dey maintain. You fit imajin how e dey vex me reach when one yeye girl go meet punch abi tribune say pastor ‘abuse’ am? Wich kain abuse? Abi the jobless paper boys wey suppose to dey write better tin dey carry news say one prophet chop money? How e take concern you? Dem tief the money? Dem representa-tief wey dey Abuja dey runs tins wit big big belle, una don write about dem finish? All dem gufnor nko? As e be say PHCN dey treat light like disco light, una don fight dat one sef finish? Na dis pastor shiamen una go dey misyarn about.

Make I tell una, me I belief say Chukwu dey and e get some people wey e send. But e get enuf people wey e no send wey dey kanta-fit the tin. But how dis people dey take do their tin, e add price to garri for tejuosho? E change our roads? Na so so, e chop money we dey hear. Na today chest begin dey front? Guys, if your head no complete reach, you decide turn maga, wetin concern us? Free boys abeg and talk beta tin.

Until when I go dey halla una again, I dey hail o!