Friday, October 17, 2014

Your Personality comes out

“O-pin the flad-gates” Sonnie Badu sang “ aban-dance..” He continued. Being from where I’m from I didn’t need him to sing the Ghanaian National Anthem to know he was from Ghana though he was singing in a Nigerian language. I’ve also seen a few people claim in church they serve the ‘I ham that I ham’ and know they are very likely from the Western part of Nigeria though I wasn’t told. Get it? Your personality shines through. Faking it is useless.

The bible says:
“…and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.”
Acts 4:13

What you have inside or what comes to you naturally cannot be hidden permanently. If you are good, people will notice. If you are not good, people will notice. If you are evil, it will show. If you are humble, it will be obvious. Time and again, you come across a person who complains about the way he or she is being treated though they put their best foot forward when dealing with people around them and it doesn’t take long to find out people actually treat them based on what their real personalities are. Rather than work on changing their personality and becoming better people, human beings think it’s easier to put on acts. You can pretend on a date. You might pull off pretence in an interview. In daily interactions however, you can’t fool human beings. If humans are a reflection of God, then we are spiritual beings with a bit of discernment as part of our make-up. We eventually see through each other.

Why go to church and try to fit in when you clearly know you don’t fit in? Do you know how ridiculous a 50-year-old African woman looks trying to blend in with a group of teenage African-American girls? Be yourself. If your self is not good enough, work on a better you.

Word of advice, pray to God to fix you and whatever is wrong with you. Quit the acting dear. You’re making a fool of yourself and most importantly you are making yourself very uncomfortable with no reward in sight. You’ll be surprised at how easier things will be from there. 

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