Monday, May 27, 2013

Consider others

I see us as a people who are too busy looking up while moving forward forgetting we might run into others in front of us or even worse trample on those lying down. It seems almost adamic, embedded in us humans to take into reckoning only those of our class and ilk and ignore completely those that are below our level in class, status, financial, spiritual or whatever other inclination you choose to judge by. How about we try looking forward from time to time while looking up?

In the same world where there are those who live on two dollars per day, millionaires go into depression for not being on the Forbes list of billionaires. In the same world where others struggle to have any form of connection with a spiritual side, other ‘anointed’ ones join issues with God for giving them less anointing than a fellow ‘anointed’ one. Churches are too busy ‘sinner-hunting’ to care about the homeless. The guy with two children is too busy wanting a third to spare a word of encouragement for the barren.

And we wonder why it’s a dog-eat-dog world? And we wonder why wickedness persists? No one spares a thought for those less advantaged in whatever ramification. If the only ones we consider human or permit into our private worlds are those who have something to offer, is there any wonder why those left out of the human circle – sometimes due to no fault of their own- will do anything to become significant? We wonder why third world citizens that are neglected become urchins or cyber criminals in the developed world? Isn’t it inevitable? See, human survival instincts are enormously unbelievable and if you choose to show off your food to a hungry man without giving him to eat, he will rob you of it. Simples!

I condemn crime in the strongest possible terms. Not just for my religious beliefs, but from a personal moral standpoint of view as well. But you just see some things coming. A girl who chooses to wear skimpy clothes even Nicki Minaj would consider scandalous and chooses to pass the night if she’s allowed in a prison block of hardened criminals knows what’s going to happen overnight. But no, in the world we live in, the silly girl will still come out and press rape charges. Seriously? What did she think they’ll do with her? Bible study? Play twister? When the ruling class choose to trample on the lowly classed, create no jobs, make life unbearable and they turn around to claim they are being robbed when they drive through certain places, what did they think would happen? Prayers for them?

A line in MJ’s We are the World says:
“There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives”

And saving our own lives is exactly what we’ll be doing in lending a hand to those who need it. A shoulder to those in tears. A glass of water to the thirsty. Warm clothes to those in need of warmth. It might mean a lot for you to let it go but it certainly means more to those who are receiving it. Someone once said the poor will one day become so poor, they’ll have nothing else to eat but the rich. And I tell you, we’re moving towards that place. I hope we don’t get there but for my wish to come true, some things have definitely got to change.

I hear people tell me of the ills in doing good. I hear of the backlash that might potentially come from being good to others. And I know more than most actually, of being paid ill for good. But should that put an end to doing good? Shouldn’t that just mean we should be careful in doing good? I think many people just want excuses to stop doing the uncomfortable.

Spare a thought for the less privileged. God likes it. Humans like it. And you just might be doing yourself some good.

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