Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What will it take

What will it take,
To rid our planet of injustice?

Is there a fight to fight?
An ocean to swim?
A race to run?
A hill to climb?
To get rid of untruthfulness?

Cheating abounds in the name of winner-takes-it-all,
Lies fly around in the name of diplomacy,
The weak are killed in the name of survival-of the fittest,
The rich get richer and the poor poorer.

As 'they' see it

The powerful take every opportunity they get to flex their muscles at what ever cost,
And no one comes to the aid of the weak and lowly.

Oh justice where is your face,
Once so full of life you were,
Now you lie frail and fragile in a land in ruins.

Why are we as a race and people so full of guile and despise for our own creator,
Why can’t we see it’s ourselves we’re hurting?
Why should I hold on to what I don’t need even though it looks like you’ll die without it.

Is it just going to continue this way?

A part of the world has more than enough,
Children grow up with machines to run errands for them,
And eating is as basic as walking upright,
Yet on the same planet,
The very height of luxury is having anything to munch on at anytime during the day.

Rich poor divide well laid out

Animals on one part have houses to sleep in,
Food and water aplenty,
Even clothing to shield away the bite of the cold,
While humans on another side have access to none of these things.

Why can’t anyone see the unfairness in this?

Is it laziness?
Wrath of God?
Climatic conditions?


Its just injustice,
For the meantime,
Many theories will fly around as to why these things happen,
While pretending they don’t know the answer,
But I won’t,
I’ll say what it is,

Its just unfair!!!!

And I ask in the depth of my heart,


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