Thursday, September 15, 2011

My fatherland..

My fatherland
A land where riches abound
Once full of Glory
Now we lie in penury

One nation bound in peace
Certain the mark, we wouldn’t miss
We were the envy of everyone
Certain all our battles we had won

Africa’s beacon of Light
This couldn’t be more right
The rest looked up to us
The Almighty smiled down on us

Nigerian Map

Then the leaders go greedy
Ignoring the needy
Why exactly, no one knows
Hence the beginning of our woes

The North felt it should lead the way
The East broke away
The west watched from a safety gap
And the South had no one to stand in the gap

The scavengers abroad didn’t care what befell us
They made things worse
Fuelling every fire
Aiding every evil desire

Then we discovered liquid gold
“Oh” we thought “Out with the old”
And invited these scavengers yet again
And what, oh what was our gain?

And in darkness we’ve remained
Our hearts have ever since been blained
Fifty years of pain
Tears and sorrow again and again

And now where do we turn
To whom do we run?
I say we look inward
Go back to the drawing board

And together in unity
Slowly but surely
Working night and day
We’ll be able to say


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