Friday, February 4, 2011

If not now, when?

Hello all,

I  see myself as one of the many millions of Nigerian youths living below potential in foreign land. Not like our fate is any different form the fates of our fellows based in our country anyway. 

OK, enough has been said and more than enough promised but why exactly is our beloved country the way it is? 
Have we all seriously given up hope of having better livelihoods? Have you all resigned to leaving things to be the way they are and passing this baton of misery to your children and then theirs and then their children too. 

Let's back up a bit here and look at it like this. We are one of the richest countries on earth in mineral resources. Our human resources seem endless. I personally think only China and the US compete with us in this light. So what exactly makes us one of the least respected countries on earth?

There is  a lot we can say and more than a lot on our minds, but if we don't stand up and require what is ours, 

God will not kill the bad leaders.

Our money WILL not be used for our development.

We WILL continue to live in misery and penury except we sell our souls to the devil and join them in looting our funds.

I think if we want this bad enough, we will stand up now as young people and take what is rightfully ours. 
I read an article recently referring to a youth leader, and he was FIFTY years old! Alright, I don't know what your definition of youth is but if 50 is youth, what is middle age and what the heck is adulthood?

But in my dear country, where the same set of people have been running the place since independence, believe me the man is a youth and maybe John McCain would have been defined as middle age.

Almost every single social amenity is broken down, security is appalling, public infrastructures are non-existent, yet for some reason we seem to take it as 'our lot'. And the time to have a change hasn't yet come.

All I am saying is if the time to rise is not now, then when?

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